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Why Use AuthorizedTech for Hires Pre-employment Background Checks

  • Simple signup enables immediate access to screen
  • Easy to use
  • Applicant results in minutes
  • FCRA regulated credit and criminal reports
  • Compliance filters designed to comply with FCRA and state consumer reporting laws
  • Employers and applicants get access to results
Complete Confidence
  • Reports direct from TransUnion, a trusted brand
  • Match logic delivers reports on the correct applicant
  • Superior data coverage

Benefits of Technician Clearances

Some benefits of using the services of Authorized Tech include:

  • saving you time, effort and resources
  • extensive coverage for security checks
  • wide-ranging supportive partnerships to deliver trusted results
  • tailored pricing services
  • excellent pricing and scalability for comprehensive packages
  • regulation compliance

What do I get?

National Criminal Report
  • Criminal records searched from both state and national databases.
  • Most Wanted Databases
  • FCRA-regulated criminal reports from 46 states*
Full Credit Report
  • Delivered direct from TransUnion
  • FCRA-regulated data
  • Full credit reports available 24/7 online

Authorized Technicians Make Your Hires More Secure

Organizations require technician services for a variety of reasons on a regular to semi-regular basis. Knowing that the contractors and sub-contractors employed to conduct much-needed work can be a worrisome factor for organizations on several levels. High-risk hires can result in a threat to the organization’s permanent employees; they may be vulnerable to espionage or theft and such individuals can severely damage the organization’s bottom line and reputation in so many different ways.

Authorized Tech has noted a gap in the market to ensure that technical hires can be made by organizations with the utmost confidence. As an accredited hiring solution company, Authorized Tech has obtained the needed authorization to run a variety of security checks on technicians, enabling organizations to employ these individuals on a basis of trust. This assurance is particularly valuable for organizations, which work in security or defense industries but is not limited to such sectors. Many organizations work with sensitive information that could cause enormous damage if compromised in any way through careless hires.

Having security cleared technicians on tap is also a valuable service offered by Authorized Tech as these clearances can take months at times. Loss of time and work means the loss of money in many cases, which is a situation that fast-moving organizations just cannot afford. Taking the initiative, Authorized Tech has resolved this problem and provided security cleared technicians, who are available for work at a moment’s notice. The question then becomes as to what types of security clearances are conducted for our list of technicians.

Authorized Tech provides for a wide variety of security checks making technician hires rapid, convenient and hassle-free for the serious employer. Security clearance takes several forms in terms of ensuring our technicians are top-notch, trusted contractors and sub-contractors who are as serious about their livelihoods as they are about entering into trusted relationships. To this end, our technicians have been cleared for specific industry work and have undergone different tests to comply with exacting industry standards.

These industry standards vary between organizations and our security clearances can take the form of:

  • criminal background checks
  • verification of technician qualifications
  • security clearance for your entire employee component
  • drug and health clearance
  • I-9 an E-verification
  • employment history
  • professional membership
  • motor vehicle license checks
  • credit history
  • and much more

Protecting the Interests of your Organization

HR typically manages technician hiring processes and this field has a deep understanding of organizational requirements. This understanding means that your organization can request any security check available to match the right candidate to the work required by the organization. Both the candidate and the organization should agree to the types of security checks required to ensure compliance with prevailing laws and protection of the rights of all stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

Part of protecting your organization prior to making a hire, is knowing your candidate. Security checks reduce organizational risk and are beneficial for all concerned. Taking the high road is particularly important since some candidates may look good on paper but not be a good match for your organization.

Know Your Applicant?

Most candidates are reluctant to be overly forthcoming with their personal information when applying for employment. Employers rarely have the luxury of having access to the necessary resources to perform consistent, accurate and comprehensive assessment of their potential employees in real time. When most people apply for jobs, they want to present the most appealing aspects of themselves in a way that they perceive to be the most acceptable version for prospective employers.

Our widespread, cost effective, database search options enable your organization to access the most fundamental and crucial resources to acquire a quick and effective background analysis solution in getting to know your candidates. Our up to date, modern system for technician clearances is your best chance of determining whether any candidates have backgrounds, which may threaten your operations.

Screen backgrounds for employment purposes with trusted, reliable and accurate sources.

We offer information from a range of trustworthy sources, with real-time criminal data from local and state jurisdictions to instant criminal data from 92% of the US. We are also continuously working on ways to improve our services for our client-base.

The results we provide are from the most crucial federal databases accessible, including:

  • The FBI’s Most Wanted
  • National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • U.S. Office of foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • And more


We search just fewer than 400 million state and national criminal records. This includes immediate data from more than 90% of candidates across the US. Comprehensive results adopted from on-site researchers with access to detailed criminal records, known addresses and contact information is accessed. Ultimately, our services are adapted to your needs and we tailor make our packages to meet all of your personal and business quality assurance needs.

You can successfully run a check on any prospective employee, yourself included. We offer a detailed and specifically tailored criminal history, including property and related records’, bankruptcies, judgements and liens. We can access records of marriage and divorce records and more.


We use the most sophisticated record matching technology to match offenders to criminal records. This means we are able to ensure the most accurate results. Our services are convenient, safe and comply with regulation. Our entire process utilizes the most cutting edge of security features to deliver accurate results to reduce organizational risk.

Benefits of Technician Clearances

Some benefits of using the services of Authorized Tech include:

  • saving you time, effort and resources
  • extensive coverage for security checks
  • wide-ranging supportive partnerships to deliver trusted results
  • tailored pricing services
  • excellent pricing and scalability for comprehensive packages
  • regulation compliance

In essence, we provide a solution which specializes in providing the type of clearance that your organization needs, when it is needed. No more wasting time on lengthy security clearances for technicians when their services are required at short notice. We help to streamline your operations by taking care of the finer details so that you can focus on the bigger picture.